Up-Close and Personal with Sharks

Very few moments in life can approximate a close quarter encounter with the best the marine world has to offer. That is what defines Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters. By recreating astounding models of the sea in a controlled environment, we have demonstrated time after time that we are never afraid to pull off the BSB_1impossible.

The Big Shark Bay Encounter is the latest addition to our assortment of marine life encounters, all for your expedition. It is an encounter that promises to be memorable unlike any other. Visitors will have the rare opportunity of an up-close and personal interaction with adult sharks. You may rightfully be tempted to ask: wait a minute, how is that even possible? Those are legitimate concerns but one thing for sure; there is absolutely no cause for alarm. Firstly we keep a comparatively docile breed of sharks called nurse sharks. Secondly, all interactions with the sharks are under the careful watch of our marine biologists.

The whole encounter has all the makings of an unforgettable experience. The goal is to give you a unique opportunity to learn how to train and feed the sharks by working hand in hand with one of our marine biologists. The marine biologist will take you through the whole training routine and invite you to participate at every step of the way. Nurse sharks have a unique feeding fashion; a trait that will permit you to touch and interact with them as they glide across the tank. Our marine biologist will remain on hand throughout to offer you any guidance or assistance that you may need.

It is worth mentioning that unlike our Coral Reef Encounter where visitors are allowed to swim with fish, this is an exclusively dry encounter meant to be enjoyed at the safety of our tank deck. A bathing suit won’t be necessary! Apart from the nurse sharks, the Big Shark Bay Encounter is home to a goliath grouper, a burrfish, and a Cubera snapper. colossal carlApparently, the goliath grouper has a new name! He now goes by the name Colossal Carl! The name Colossal Carl garnered the most likes after it was proposed by Julia Hurley. Congratulations Julia! Carl is fed twice daily at 12:30 pm and at 2:30 pm in the full view of our visitors.

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