Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available! We are thankful for the support we have received from our community and we look forward to contributing to local businesses. Sponsorship benefits include exposure to high volumes of consumer traffic, direct endorsement of your business for referrals and numerous other advantages depending on the level of sponsorship.  For sponsorship opportunities please email info@floridakeysaquariumencounters.com or call (305)-407-3254.

Aquarium Entrance

Your Contribution Will Support

Animals and animal care

Animals and animal care are the top priority at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

Conservation and Ecology

The team at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is committed to creating a legacy of conservation and preservation of our fragile marine ecosystems.


The primary purpose of Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is to educate visitors on the unique marine ecosystem in Florida Keys.

Program Support

Our interactive encounters allow guests to immerse themselves within the fragile and complex ecosystems.

Committed to Healthy Marine Ecosystems

The native marine environments found within the Florida Keys are unlike any found anywhere else on Earth

As a company, our primary objectives focus around the insurance of healthy marine ecosystems for many years to come. This includes:

  • Our commitment to protect the natural resources of the Florida Keys through the use of education to generate a healthy, on-going respect for the unique marine environments found in the Florida Keys.
  • The development of on-going conservation efforts to develop an understanding and appreciation of the unique resources found in the Florida Keys.
  • Our commitment to provide coordinated community information and education related to conservation standards developed and enforced by local marine regulatory groups including the National Park Service, NOAA/National Marine Sanctuaries  & the FL Fish & Wildlife.
  • Our commitment to provide our visitors with effective pre-visit materials and information to assist with the understanding and respect of the Florida Key’s natural resources in a comprehensive and sensitive manner.
  • Our on-going work to act as local stewards of the unique marine ecosystems found in the Florida Keys and South Florida.

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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