About Aquarium Encounters

Over 30 years of passionate ocean work

The founders of our Marathon marine park are industry leaders in the field of capture, transport and relocation of sharks, tropical fish and other marine sea life for aquariums and private businesses across the world.


Committed to Learning

Through close work with other aquariums, we established a learning & conservation center in our marine park's home of Marathon in the Florida Keys

After working hand-in-hand with countless aquariums to provide the public with access to a wide variety of local fish and marine species, our founders turned their expertise and enthusiasm for the Ocean into our own Florida Keys Aquarium & Conservation center.

At the heart of our mission is the desire to successfully introduce people from all walks of life to the magic that the ocean and its majestic creatures through close, or even one-on-one interaction. Our hope is that creating lasting memories of positive experiences with marine life will help to create passionate individuals who care about cultivating the continued health of our marine environments.

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