Nursery Tank

Want to touch a baby stingray?

Our Nursery Tank is the safest, most personalized way to interact with juvenile stingrays and more!


All members of the family will love the hands-on interaction of this exhibit at our aquarium!

Home to our juvenile and smaller rays, our nursery tank is a great way to interact with some unique and smaller elasmobranchs. All of our stingrays are safe to interact with, guests are more than welcome to reach in and gently pet the rays along their backs. Food is not available at the bait shack, however guests can sign up for a nursery encounter for a more personal and interactive experience.


*This touch tank is included with admission


Sing up for a Stingray Encounter!  Schedule this add-on to get into the tank with a marine biologist to hand-feed and learn more about our Stingrays.

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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