Lagoon Residents

Feed our lagoon residents

Visitors can view and feed our lagoon residents from any one of our 3 bridges or from dry land.

Lagoon Residents

Want to feed the lagoon residents?

Visitors are invited to purchase food for our lagoon residents from the bait shack located between Stingray Cove and the Nursery Tank.

Viewing access to the lagoon is included in the price of park admission at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters. Check out the lagoon from multiple different parts of the aquarium to see a variety of marine species in a natural setting. There are numerous fish species to feed including Parrotfish, Jacks, Snapper and Tarpon. Bonnethead Sharks, Cow nose Stingrays and a variety of other species can also be spotted in the mangrove lagoons.

The sections of the Lagoon

The Lagoon forms a large “U” shape as it winds through the property and is split into three sections. These sections include the Tarpon Basin, the Goliath Basin and the main Lagoon area. The Lagoon Snorkel Encounter takes place in the main Lagoon area.


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