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We know that you may have some questions about the Aquarium Encounter process and we’re here to help assist you, your family or group with personalized service for all activities at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.


Reservations & Tickets

You are always welcome to call our Florida Keys attraction with questions at (305) 407-3262

Please note that all Aquarium Encounters are separate paid-excursions within our park and are not included with the price of admission. Additionally, our Aquarium Encounters do not include the price of general admission for Encounter participants. All Aquarium Encounter participants are required to purchase park admission in addition to any costs of specific Aquarium Encounters tourist activities in the Florida Keys.

All of our Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter packages can be booked online for pre-scheduled reservations. For our visitors without previously scheduled reservations to our Florida Keys attraction, tickets can be purchased separately at our ticket counter at any point during your visit to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters dependent on availability on any given day at our Marathon location.

Please visit the specific Aquarium Encounters page that you are interested in for more information on specific Encounter Packages, booking options and more!

Additions, Cancellations, & Assistance

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters our trained professionals are ready to assist you with every stage of your tourist activities at our marine park.

Our Aquarium Encounters have varying requirements for participation ages:

Coral Reef Encounter – No minimum age for snorkeling. Ages 5 and up to breathe on the surface with regulator. Ages 8 and up to dive to the bottom

Stingray Encounter – All ages welcome!

All other Encounters and Attractions – All ages welcome!

All Children (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult or have written parental approval from a present parent for any Aquarium Encounter.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of all Aquarium Encounter experiences, we require that all participants of your scheduled Encounter arrive promptly for any Encounter program.

Individuals and parties should arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled Aquarium Encounter in order to register your group for the Encounter and prepare for your big adventure. Please note that any person or party arriving to our Florida Keys attraction after the scheduled Encounter time may be liable for the forfeiture of your Encounter time and paid funds as a result of day-of cancellation.

Our Aquarium Encounters vary in length depending on the Encounter and what it provides for our visitors.

The average Encounter lasts roughly 45 -90 minutes depending on which experience is chosen.

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters our passion is to share the magic of the ocean with people of all abilities. We are happy to provide specialized service for any individual with disabilities that wishes to experience the beauty of the ocean up close and personal via our Aquarium Encounters.

Simply Contact our Encounters Department today for more information on how we can assist in making your visit to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters custom tailored to fit your unique needs.

All of our cancellations are handled over the phone with the reservations number found above. We require a minimum of 72 hours notice in advance for any rescheduling of your previously purchased Aquarium Encounter.

Please note that in the unlikely event that weather conditions result in the cancellation of your event we will do our best to efficiently reschedule your encounter in a manner that suits your schedule.  Cancellation of events will be at the sole discretion of the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters staff.   In the event that rescheduling is not possible, our team will happily assist you with a refund on your Encounter.

For all terms related to refunds, cancellation and rescheduling, please click here.

All of our Encounters are led by our trained and experienced team of dive professionals. Our team consists of master divers, marine biologists and passionate, experienced ocean lovers who are ready to walk you through every aspect of your Aquarium Encounter while providing “hands-on” knowledge and information to make your experience both exciting and informative.

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters we have attempted to make the majority of our Encounters accessible by anyone in the general public. Some of our Encounters, including our Coral Reef Encounter, require some experience in the ocean and with snorkeling. Please have a look at the information found on each Encounter page to learn more about the requirements of these tourist activities in the Florida Keys and what may be needed to join us for specific packages.

Want to save some time on registration at our Florida Keys aquarium attraction? Click here to download our Aquarium Encounter Guest Registration and Liability Release Form for adults.  Click here to download our Aquarium Encounter Guest Registration and Liability Release Form for minors.

Our team is happy to answer any of the questions you may have about Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

Please call 305-407-3262 for service over the phone or contact us today on our website!

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