Free Guided Experience

Discover the Secrets of Our Incredible Aquatic Exhibits

Educational, Entertaining, and Refreshing; Take a Break From Your Routine and spend the day observing the extraordinary behavior of our striking marine life.

Due to the rules and regulations from the CDC for COVID-19, we have developred a guided audio experience for you to listen to while you visit each exhibit at your own pace.  You can take this tour at anytime while you are at Aquarium Encounters.  All of the stops are named and numbered.  You can find the numbers for the stops on your map.  We will still be offering our guided tour with our Marine Biologist on property, but we will need to limit our tours to no more than 10 people per tour.


Immerse Your Group in Our Educational Extravaganza

As the leading interactive Aquarium Encounter experience in the Florida Keys, we strive to create a memorable adventure for everyone with our guided educational experience

As a part of our commitment to help our visitors learn as much as they can about the native Florida Keys marine environment, we offer our guests an educational experience throughout our park and its attractions. Our educational experience is led by one of our professional marine biologists and takes our guests to every major attraction within the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter park.

Guided educational experience at our Marathon aquarium are completely optional and are provided strictly for convenience in order to familiarize our visitors with the major offerings of our Aquarium.

Interested in an Educational Experience? It's Included!

Educational experiences are available throughout the day.


Guided Walking Experience

Includes the entire park with our Marine Biologist.


Attraction Viewing

Stop directly at the popular Florida Keys Aquarium attractions!


Staff Q&A

Ask anything you're curious about to our expert staff & guides.

Additional Information

Requirements, scheduling, and more!


Marathon aquarium free guided experiences are offered at 10 minutes before the top of every hour. Free Educational experiences meet in a designated area near the entrance of the park. You can find this area on park maps or by asking one of our helpful staff members.


Each entire Educational guided experience at our Marathon aquarium lasts roughly 15-20 minutes. Guests are welcome to join or leave the experience at any point.


Included with your admission to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters


A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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