Stingray Cove Tank

Ever wanted to feed a stingray?

This exclusive touch tank gives you the opportunity to see and touch Caribbean stingrays.


Safely Interact with Caribbean Stingrays

Personally interact with stingray species from the Florida Keys and Caribbean

Home to our larger stingrays, these gentle gliders will come right up to you. Feel free to reach in and pet them gently along their backs. Don’t worry, all our animals are safe to interact with since we keep their barbs trimmed. Food is available to purchase for this tank at the bait shack for $3 a cup . If you are interested in a closer interaction we also offer Stingray Cove encounters in this tank.

*This touch tank is included with admission



Sing up for a Stingray Encounter!  Schedule this add-on to get into the tank with a marine biologist to hand-feed and learn more about our Stingrays.


A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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