Lobster Exhibit

Feed our Florida Spiny Lobsters

Visitors are able to view and feed our Spiny Lobsters from the side of the exhibit.


Want to feed the lobsters?

Visitors are invited to purchase lobster food from the bait shack next to the tank to feed the lobsters from the comfort of dry land

Viewing access to the Florida Spiny Lobster exhibit is included in the price of park admission at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters. Stop by this tank at any time to check out our lobsters.

A crucial species

Florida’s Spiny Lobster fishery is one of its most iconic and economically vital resources. With an average of over $40 million brought in annually it is crucial that these lobsters are harvested sustainably. Learn about these unique invertebrates and their role in the Florida Keys marine ecosystem with a visit to the aquarium.

lobster water mark

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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