Nursery Encounters

Want to touch a baby stingray?

Our Nursery Encounter is the safest, most personalized way to interact with juvenile stingrays and more!


Assist Our Marine Biologist with Stingray Training

All members of the family will love the hands-on interaction of this exclusive encounter at our aquarium!

In this exhibit we have several species of baby and juvenile rays.   This encounter is for all ages, and our biologist custom tailors the interaction during the encounter to suit the needs and questions of your group.

During this encounter at the aquarium, our professional Marine Biologists are constantly on-hand to assist with every aspect of your experience.  They will make sure your family has an outstanding experience!

Please note that this Encounter does not require our visitors to get in the water to interact with our friendly rays. This is a DRY encounter, so no need to bring a swimsuit! All members of the family can safely enjoy this Encounter from the comfort of dry land while sharing, feeding and touching the juvenile rays. All of our stingrays are de-barbed and completely safe to touch!

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Nursery Encounter Information

All members of the family are welcome!


Nursery Encounters Run Daily at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, & 3:30 PM. You will need to be present in the facility to fill out a waiver at least 15 minutes prior to your Encounter start time. Please see below for booking and availability of the Nursery Encounter.


$15.00 per participant.


Children under 5 must be accompanied by a participating parent or legal chaperone.

We can accommodate 15 people per timeslot in groups of 1-5 people

You must be present in the facility 15 minutes prior to your Encounter start time to fill out a waiver.


Each Nursery Encounter with juvenille rays lasts roughly 25-45 minutes and includes approximately 15 minutes (per group) of one-on-one ray interaction time!

Want to reserve a Private Encounter?

If you or your group would like to maximize your time with our animals and enjoy a more personalized experience, call us at (305)-407-3262. A private guided encounter adds a one-time $100 charge to the encounter and guarantees your group exclusive access to the exhibit. No other guests will be in the encounter with your group. Your group can enjoy a one on one with our biologist or diver and extra time feeding and interacting with our animals!

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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