Coral Nursery Update!

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters in coordination with its non-profit organization R3EACH as well as Dynasty Marine, FWC, Ken Nedimyer and Reef Renewal USA have been working on a brand new coral nursery offshore near Marathon. A couple months ago divers from these organizations installed anchors for the foundation of Coral TreesTM. The first few trees have now been installed at this location! There are 2 Elkhorn Coral Trees and 1 Star Coral Tree. Elkhorn Corals are critically endangered while Star Corals are listed as endangered. This is a great start to what we hope will grow to be a healthy and productive nursery. We will continue to donate our time, manpower and equipment to aid in the advancement of this project. The Florida Reef Tract is an invaluable resource and it needs our help! To learn more about the Coral Tree farming method and our multi-agency efforts to combat climate change, coral disease and human impacts on Florida’s coral reefs check out our conservation page.