New Exhibit – Mangrove Terrapins!

Come check out the newest residents of Aquarium Encounters, the Mangrove Terrapins!

This subspecies of the Diamondback Terrapin is found almost exclusively in the Florida Keys. Unlike their freshwater cousins, these animals inhabit salt and brackish water. Terrapins also typically spend more time on land than freshwater turtles so this exhibit has plenty of space for them to haul out.

The main pool at the front of this exhibit is salt water and the smaller pool behind it is fresh water for drinking. In the salt water you can find a variety of residents sharing the exhibit with the terrapins including snails, whelks, fish and even a Lesser Electric Ray!

You can find the Mangrove Terrapin Exhibit in the Everglades area right between the American Alligators and South American Tortoises.