Thunderbolt Wreck Clean-up

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters we are committed to cultivating passionate conservation of our oceans and marine environments. This commitment starts with our Aquarium and all that we offer with respect to immersing people in exciting ocean experiences, but extends into our local community and the fragile ocean ecosystems found in the Florida Keys.

In the past week staff members from Aquarium Encounters teamed up with staff from Dynasty Marine to undertake the clean-up of the Thunderbolt wreck.

The Thunderbolt wreck is one of Marathon’s leading attractions for wreck diving, fishing and spearfishing. Because of its popularity as a destination for fishermen and divers, the wreck has been known to collect varying levels of trash throughout the year.

The event in the past week was a resounding success as members of the Aquarium Encounters team were able to recover a good haul of trash from the Thunderbolt, helping to make the underwater artificial reef cleaner and safer for visiting divers and the marine inhabitants of the wreck itself.

Our oceans are irreplaceable and should be taken care of for countless future generations. While it was sad to see some of man-made debris that was collected, our hope is that bringing light to the conservation of these magical underwater habitats will help people from all walks of life participate with the ocean in a more responsible and respectable manner.

Remember! When you’re on the water fishing, diving and boating, the smallest trash or debris can make a huge negative impact in the life of a small marine creature and its quality of health and life. Before you leave any fishing spot, be sure to check that you have collected all your trash and stored it for proper removal once you are back on land. The smallest piece of trash that flies out of your boat as you speed away toward home could have lasting repercussions on future marine generations. Do your part to help keep our oceans clean and healthy!

Thanks to “A Deep Blue Dive” on Key Colony beach for sponsoring this awesome clean-up event!!