Summer Camp 2019

Interested in getting junior or open water dive certified? Our 3 day camp program is a great way to immerse yourself further in the magic of the ocean. Spend time here at the aquarium learning the necessary skills needed to become certified and wrap up the camp with two dives out on Sombrero Reef!

Beginning in June we will offer the camp sessions every week, we require a minimum of 2 participants, and each session is Tuesday-Thursday. At the end of the session and after meeting all requirements, you will be NAUI open water certified! Open to ages 10-18.

Here is a day to day breakdown:

Day One: Arrival time is 9:00 am at the Aquarium. This morning we will accomplish the majority of our swim skills and our skin diving (snorkeling) skills.  By the afternoon we will strap on our scuba gear and go through our scuba skills in the sallow confined water portion of our lagoon! We will also be participating in a Big Shark Bay encounter this afternoon at 3:00 pm.  Lunch is provided today at our Eagle Ray Café.  Our ending time today will be 5:00pm.

Day Two: Arrival time is 8:30 am at the Aquarium. We’ll start the day with a dive in our Coral Reef Tank and 9:00am.  Once that’s complete, we’ll spend the rest of the day accomplishing our first and second Open Water dives in the deeper section of our lagoon.  Lunch is again provided at our Eagle Ray Café.  Our ending time today is variable, but will vary between 3:30pm and 5:00pm.  Your instructor will specify today’s ending time at the drop-off in the morning.

Day Three:  Arrival time is 8:00 am at the dive shop (A Deep Blue Dive, 400 Sadowski Causeway, Key Colony Beach, FL  33051). This morning we will accomplish our final two open water dives out on the beautiful reef of the middle keys.  After our dives conclude, we have the option of either eating lunch at Sparky’s Landing (at the students cost) or eating lunch back at the aquarium (which we will cover).  After lunch we will be participating in a Stingray Cove Encounter at 2:00pm.  We will then log our dives and conclude our session around 4:00pm.

If you are interested in signing up for a session please email or call 305-407-3262 ex 2 for more information.