R3EACH – update

In the past few months we have been privileged to be a part of a manatee rescue, and a manatee transport. Both of these events have been an amazing start to what we are looking to accomplish with our nonprofit organization. The main goals of R3EACH are to help our local species of marine life through rescue and rehabilitation, as well as educate our visitors here at the aquarium on the dangers they face.

The Gilbert Manatee rescue in July was a great opportunity to work with our state and local partners. Thanks to the Miami Seaquarium, FWC, and the Dolphin research Manatee rescue team, we were able to capture and remove fishing line tightly wrapped around Gilbert’s pectoral fins. This capture and release of a manatee is what we are hoping to be a part of in the future as we continue our efforts to help our local marine life. Please be conscious of fishing lines and dispose of them properly.

During the transport we were most recently a part of with Miami Seaquarium, two orphaned young manatees were transported from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, to the Miami Seaquarium, to continue their rehabilitation. These young manatees were sent up to the Columbus Zoo in 2016 after their mother suffered a boating accident and they were left orphaned. These twins spent their time in Columbus gaining weight! After Millennium and Falcon are strong and healthy enough in a few months, we hope to be a part of their release back in to the wild in the upper keys.