Our New Arrival!

We have exciting news this week at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters!

Rupert and Emma, our Florida Box Turtles, welcomed a hatchling into the world on 7/14/15 and Baby Boxie is now strong enough to be on exhibit at our park in Marathon.

Baby Boxie may be tiny now, but (s)he will grow up to be 6+ inches long and could live for 100 years or more!

Florida Box Turtles typically start life as carnivores and grow to be omnivores as adults. Right now the Baby Boxie prefers mealworms, but will likely enjoy everything from grasshoppers to plants when it reaches adulthood.

You’ll find our newest resident near the Freshwater Turtle Feeding Station—come say hello!

Welcome to the Aquarium Encounters Family, little guy (or gal)!