New Additions to our Coral Reefs

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, we welcome new visitors as they move through our interactive aquarium experience on a daily basis. However, in the last few weeks we have been proud to welcome new species of marine animals into our coral reef environments for all of our guest to enjoy.

These new species, including new tropical fish, Mobula Rays, and Sand Tiger Shark, are great additions to the complex habitat found in our artificial reefs.  The newest Mobula Rays in our tank are a close relative to the Manta Ray and have joined with our two other mobula rays that were already in our tank. The newest Sand Tiger Shark addition is a wonderful species of shark that can grow up to 9 feet in length. Both of these new additions help to make our entire coral reef ecosystem more robust and active for our visitors.

Best of all, these new species additions are ready for you to interact with today at our park in Marathon. Come swim with and feed our Mobula Rays and get a chance to hand feed the scary-looking Sand Tiger Shark through the safety of our interactive protective feeding ports in our Coral Reef Encounter!

Have a look at the following videos of the most recent additions to our complex coral reef ecosystem found at our Marathon location in the heart of the Florida Keys and call or contact us today for more information on how you and your family can take advantage of the great interactive aquarium experiences that we have on offer at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.