New Acoustic Residents!

Meet the Guitarfish!

If you’ve walked by the Coral Reef Tank lately, you may have noticed a new resident relaxing on the floor of the tank, or perhaps showing off his belly while swimming up the windows.

These oddly-shaped fish are Atlantic Guitarfish (Rhinobatos letiginosus) and they arrived to the Aquarium a few weeks ago. An interesting cross between a shark and a skate, these flat fish have two dorsal (top) fins, like most shark species. However their mouths are on their undersides, like a skate!

Guitarfish typically grow to about 30 inches long, with females usually being larger than the males. These interesting creatures are bottom feeders, which bury themselves in mud or sand bottoms to enjoy delectable treats like worms, crabs and clams. They have been known to live generally close to the beach but have been found in depths as deep as 30 meters.

Have a look at this wonderful new video introducing our newest aquatic friend, the Guitarfish!




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