Holiday Hours & Spotted Eagle Rays!

With the Holidays just around the corner, the team at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is excited to welcome new guests to Marathon to our interactive aquarium experience.

As a part of our commitment to better serve our valued guests, we want to make sure that families and friends that are planning on visiting the aquarium are aware of our recently updated open hours on this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Please see below for more information about our shortened holiday hours. The good news for our guests is that we will be open on both days, just for limited holiday schedules so that we can provide our awesome Aquarium staff with a little more time to spend with friends and family in celebration.

  • Thanksgiving Hours: 9am – 3 pm
  • Christmas Hours: 11am – 5pm

Looking for a fun adventure on either Christmas or Thanksgiving day? All of our exciting Aquarium Encounters are open on these Holidays at the above posted times. Come join us for a Thanksgiving Coral Reef Swim or play with our Stingrays in our Stingray Encounter!

Looking for what’s new at Aquarium Encounters?

Have you ever pet a Spotted Eagle Ray? Our newest friends at the Aquarium are the majestic Spotted Eagle Ray!

Stop by our Interactive Aquarium in Marathon today and get a chance to pet and feed this unique marine species.

Spotted Eagle Ray

Feeding the Spotted Eagle Ray