Happy 1st Birthday Harry Potter


Come Celebrate Harry Potter’s First Birthday!

With the approach of Labor Day weekend it’s time to celebrate the exciting 1st birthday of Florida Keys Aquarium Encounter’s youngest Southern Ray, Harry Potter!

Harry was born a year ago and has spent the last 365 days bringing smiles to the faces of our many esteemed park guests during his time in our Nurse-ry Encounter!

Harry is a member of the Southern Stingray family and enjoys eating tasty treats while he shows off for our Encounter participants.

Interested in our stingrays? Here’s some fun facts to prepare you for your next trip to the aquarium:

  • These stingrays are known to visit “cleaning stations” where smaller fish such as the bluehead wrasse or Spanish hogfish will pick and eat parasites and mucus off of their bodies.
  • Male southern rays are 2-3 feet across. Females are 4 feet across.
  • Southern stingrays eat bivalves, worms, small fish and crustaceans.