Get to know local artist Jason Robinson


Jason Robinson, was born in born in Montpelier, Vermont. He attended Union32 high school and enjoyed playing basketball.  He is married with two girls, Sara (7) and Shaina (5).  Jason always first realized his love of art during his high school Art classes, which were very educational and inspiring.

He came to Key West in April of 1999, during Spring Break, and knew then this is where he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

Prehistoric Cuda


So he went home, sold everything and moved to the Keys.  Jason, kept looking for work and ended up in to Marathon.

Jason’s art work is displayed is displayed in several locations around the Aquarium.

Jason’s inspiration comes from a variety of places including, surfing the web, reading cartoons, and his daughter Sara who has inspired Jason with new ideas for his art collection since she learned to speak.

He starts with just a 2×6 piece of cedar and then he starts cutting.  Cedar is the best wood to work with because it is easy to cut and keeps it’s shape during climate change.

Angler Fish

Some of his pieces can take months, like the Prehistoric Cuda.  He remained motivated throughout the process and was able to finish it in about a year.  The Angler fish took 8 months to complete.  Every morning,  before work,  he would glue 5 inch squares together one at a time.  It is one of his largest projects here at the Aquarium.

In the future, Jason plans on retiring and enjoying his girls and just focusing on his Art. To view his work and his latest creation follow him on Facebook, Fish Tails Wood Creation or visit Aquarium Encounters!