Feelin’ the Love!

Here at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, we’ve enjoyed an awesome holiday and “winter” season! Our busiest days yet were Christmas and New Years, with hundreds of visitors taking the opportunity to trade White Snow holidays for White Sand holidays! Folks from around the world explored our facility, learned about the marine ecosystem of the Florida Keys, and jumped in to our Encounter experiences!


A packed parking lot is always a happy sight!


We did have a brief “cold” snap last week, with temps dropping into the 60’s. Luckily our new reptiles, the freshwater turtles and African Spurred Tortoises, were able to stay cozy under their new heat lamps. A manatee stopped by the Observation Deck for a visit too! Estimated to be around 12ft in length, this manatee sported a number of scars across its back, likely from boat propellers. Classified as an Endangered Species, these gentle giants are a great reminder to boat with care throughout our Florida Keys waters.


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