Encounter Spotlight – Stingray Cove

One of our most popular in water encounters is our Stingray Cove Encounter. This 40 minute session allows guests to get up close and personal with our stingrays! Perfectly safe, and fun, guests get to hand feed our large Southern rays and smaller Cownose rays.  Before stepping in to our Stingray Cove tank, guests are given wetsuits, water shoes and gloves. Although you are given a wetsuit you still will get wet; the suit keeps you warm, and the shoes and gloves you wear are for protection. While in the tank our Marine Biologist will explain how to safely feed our rays, and the best way to make a splash. Guests are seated on an underwater bench that is waist deep, the perfect height for the rays to come say hi. As you lower your hand in to the water while holding a piece of fish, you are swarmed with our gentle and adorable Cownose rays. If you were to hold the fish just out of the water near your torso, our large Southern rays might come up and give you a big hug to slurp up their food! Stingrays have their mouths located underneath them, this is called a ventral mouth, and causes them to splash as the rays come up on to your lap to get the food. Hang out in our tank with our marine biologist and these gentle gliders; we offer this encounter daily at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Check out this review from a recent customer!


This was the second time I have visited here and we are never disapointed. This time I did the stingray encounter, and it was awesome! I was the only one in that time slot so I got 45 minutes in the tank with the rays. The rays are definitly not shy & love the attention. It was an experience I’ll never forget!! The aquarium as a whole is truly unique and fun and you will leave with a great deal of new knowledge and fun facts about these sea creatures.” -baylisjordan


Be sure to check out the photo room after your Stingray Cove, since our photo technician is capturing all the splashes and great faces throughout the entire encounter. If getting wet isn’t your thing, with just general admission guests can pet all these rays and purchase food for our adult stingrays for $3 a cup.


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