Big Shark Bay Encounter

From: $24.99


If you would like to book an encounter for the day of, you must do so by phone (305) 407-3262 or in person at the facility.


Our Big Shark Bay Encounter is the safest, most personalized way to interact with adult sharks.

In the Big Shark Bay Encounter you will have the opportunity to assist one of our Marine Biologists with the training of our resident adult nurse sharks. The Marine Biologist will teach you the step-by-step method of behavioral training, and allow you to participate in this process.

In this exhibit we have several adult nurse sharks, different species of grouper and a Cubera snapper! This encounter is for all ages, and our biologist custom tailors the interaction during the encounter to suit any needs and questions you may have.

Nurse sharks are relatively docile sharks, making them easy for humans to interact within a controlled marine environment. Their unique eating style allows our visitors to get up close and personal with and feed an adult nurse shark in our tank. This encounter enables guests to interact with the nurse sharks in a one-on-one basis and safely handle the sharks as they swim in and around the tank.

During this encounter, our professional Marine Biologists are constantly on-hand to assist with every aspect of your experience and, they will make sure you and your family has an outstanding experience!

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