Encounter Spotlight: Big Shark Bay

Hand feed sharks from the comfort of dry land, and with the guidance of a marine biologist.

One of our most popular encounters here at the aquarium, is our Big shark Bay Encounter. This encounter is approximately 20 minutes long and allows guests to hand feed sharks while staying dry. In our Big Shark Bay exhibit here at the aquarium, we have three resident Nurse Sharks; Baby, Swayze, and Notch. These three intelligent nurse sharks are all target trained, meaning they each respond to a specific target shape when it is placed in the water. On top of having their own personalized targets, they each have their own ‘dinner bell’. When this bell is rung, and their corresponding target is placed in the water, our nurse sharks are trained to come right up to the target and rest their nose on it. Guests who partake in our Big shark Bay Encounter get the opportunity to help maintain this training by feeding our sharks at their specific target. While our sharks are sitting at attention we allow our guests to safely pet the animals along their backs, getting to feel the unique texture of the dermal denticles. Have you ever been curious what a sharks belly feels like? During the training session our marine biologist also rolls the sharks on their backs, it is a perfect time for guests to get in a few belly rubs! Come learn about our nurse sharks up close and personal, we offer encounters at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Big shark Bay encounters are $18 a person, and are great for any age.

If getting hands on with our sharks is not your thing, you still have the opportunity to learn about these nurse sharks with general admission. At 10:30 am daily, we feed the residents of Big Shark Bay, and we open this feed with a brief talk about our nurse sharks. Come stop by the aquarium to learn about all our fishy friends!

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