Predator Reef Tank

Experience the up-close excitement of a shark feeding!

As one of our main attractions, our Predator Reef Tank is a shark aquarium uniquely situated as an extension of our Coral Reef Encounter. The Predator Reef Tank is safely separated from participants in the Coral Reef Encounter by thick plexiglass windows.


Get up close to a shark from the comfort of dry land!

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, one of our main attractions is our exclusive Predator Reef Tank!

Our owners have over 65 years of combined experience securing and successfully transporting live sharks to aquariums across the world. These unique skills have allowed us to create one of the most exciting aquarium environments and feeding encounters in the United States for our visitors to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

Experience the drama of the Food Chain Like Never Before

In addition to our shark species, which include nurse, blacktip, sandbar, blacknose and bonnethead sharks, our Predator Reef Tank is home to some of the most popular Florida Keys reef fish including Goliath Grouper, snapper and jacks.

Visitors and families can enjoy watching fish as they cruise in natural environments, while the excitement of watching Feeding Encounter Participants hand feed sharks is a memory that will last a lifetime. Stop by our Predator Reef Tank, a shark aquarium in the northwest corner of our park, attached to our Coral Reef Tank. See our site map, or ask a friendly staff member, for more information on this attraction’s location in our park!

Additional Information

Requirements, scheduling, and more!


This attraction is open to all visitors to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters and is included with your admission to the park!


Each Predator Reef Tank Feeding lasts roughly 15 minutes. The Shark Tank is accessible for viewing during all open hours.


Free with Admission to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.


Our Predator Reef Tank feeding events run daily as participants in the Coral Reef Encounter take part in the feeding of our predatory fish species through our exclusive, protected feeding enclosure. Please find the Predator Reef Tank Location on our Park Map!

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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