Coral Reef Tank

Over 200,000 gallons of salt water adventure

This aquarium configuration provides our visitors with an incredibly unique perspective from which to take in our marine habitat that closely mimics the coastal and offshore reef system found here in the Florida Keys.


Colorful Fish Schools, Sharks, and Groupers

Explore the complex coral reef environment both from the comfort of dry land AND from within by snorkeling at the Coral Reef Tank!

Visitors have the option of signing up for a Coral Reef Encounter or watching other guests feed the sharks, grouper, and eels that inhabit the Predator Reef Tank during a snorkeling encounter.

Viewing of the Coral Reef Tank and Predator Reef Tank, and watching your friends and family participate in a Coral Reef Encounter, is included with your General Admission to Aquarium Encounters. You’ll find this attraction in the northwest corner of our Marathon aquarium park, clearly marked on our map, or you can always ask a friendly guest services representative for directions!

Additional Information

Requirements, scheduling, and more!


This attraction is open to all visitors to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters and is included with your admission to the park!


This attraction is open throughout the day at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters. Feeding events to watch snorkeling at our Marathon aquarium occur during Coral Reef Encounters. Have a look at the Predator Reef Tank page for more information.


Included with your Admission to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.


Feeding events in the main Shark Tank happen throughout the day, each and every day at our Marathon aquarium in the Florida Keys.

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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