Inspired to Conserve Our Marine Habitats

Committed to fostering the development of marine conservationists

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is committed to providing the public with access to unique marine environments that inspire the development of more passionate marine conservationists.

Offering Unique Education on Fragile Marine Habitats

As the leading interactive Aquarium Encounter experience in the Florida Keys, we strive to create a memorable adventure for everyone

Our Aquarium serves two main functions that contribute to the development of passionate marine conservationists.

First, our exclusive attractions and encounters utilize a hands-on approach to the introduction of the unique Florida Keys marine environment and the unique marine animals that inhabit it! Through the personal interaction with a variety of marine species, our visitors are able to cultivate a perspective of the ocean that extends beyond that which is normally taught in a classroom.

Second, our entire park is setup as an interactive learning center which serves to cultivate a better understanding of the conservation of the unique marine environment found in the fabulous Florida Keys. As barrier islands off of the Florida Coast, the Florida Keys serve as a boundary between the Gulf of Mexico to the North and the powerful Gulfstream and Caribbean Sea to the Southeast.


Are you passionate about saving the Ocean and its inhabitants?

Conservation Initiatives

  • We are constantly trying to reduce our single use plastic waste. Aquarium Encounters no longer has straws out for guests to take, we are participating in the campaign called “Skip the Straw”. If guests really want a straw they can ask for one.
  • Outreaches are one of our resources to reaching more people, and educating them about the magic of the ocean. Hopefully through education people will learn to love the ocean and strive to protect it.
  • Aquarium Encounters is now an organizational partner of the Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP). We continue to aid manatees wherever the need arises.

Conservation Partners

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